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Do you manage an hotel, a restaurant or any kind of service business? Do you get many different reviews from customers every week on sites such as TripAdvisor or Booking in different languages? While responding to all reviews will highlight your pro-active attitude, you certainly spend a lot of time trying to respond to each and everyone of the reviews making you want to give the job to another person but the result is most of the time, disappointing. The real-time effect of a bad comment and more of, a bad response, is to immediately lose some potential clients.


A larger number of positive reviews is correlated with increased bookings and the ability to raise rates according to a Cornell University study about online reputation and hospitality performance.


Overall review volume increased 27% from 2016 to 2017, showing that online reviews continue to be an important vehicle for guests to both plan their stays and share their experiences.


Most hoteliers are actively reading and responding to online feedback to let guests know that they care about guest satisfaction and are always looking to improve.

We have a solution for you to save you time and we can respond for you to reviews in all languages.

We also analyze each comment through an analysis grid and you get a real-time image and follow-up of what your customers/guests think about your business.

You get two for one!

When a hotel or a business has a poor ranking on TripAdvisor, it often reflects problems with the property: staffing, service, cleanliness or something as such. The only way to ameliorate negative reviews is by improving your services from ground level first. We can help you face your weaknesses by clearly identifying them; that is the beginning. If you create false reviews, people could come to your hotel or business and be disappointed - which is the worst thing that could happen. A guest with failed expectations is impossible to satisfy. Furthermore, fundamental flaws that repeatedly leave guests unsatisfied cannot be glossed over with a sophisticated marketing campaign. That is denial, which is not the solution. The only way to get positive reviews is by living up to or by exceeding their expectations.


Each customer's comment should get an answer even if the comment is good and more if it is very bad. To not reply to a positive review would be missing an opportunity to invite the guests back and to insert a little marketing by suggesting other activities or services. What would you think about people who would not thank you when you say something very kind about them?


Customers will read the comments about your business in their mother tongue, even if they speak English very well. By the way, many times, negative reviews give information and require action at an operational level and the incident should be documented for future staff training.


You should answer to the customers' comments as soon as possible - especially if the comment is very bad! Responses should, ideally, be done within 24H! It should never take more than 72H.


In a perfect world, responses should come from a Senior Manager with strong diplomacy and writing skills, because your customers perceive the way your business is managed through the language you use to respond to reviews.

Our strength

The right answer at the right time

We are able to answer without passion! It is very difficult to get a very bad comment when you think you are doing your best to satisfy your clients. We can answer as soon as possible without taking negative reviews personally. A bad response can create a bad buzz and it could be terrible for your reputation.

If a customer is clearly, extremely unsatisfied, we can make an objective response as soon as we get your side of the story and encourage the guest to contact you offline if a follow-up discussion is needed. Each response is transmitted by the backoffice page on our website and validated by you before publication.

We avoid spelling mistakes and grammatical errors that make the post look unprofessional.

You even have a tool to analyze and control your business and your team with our real-time multi-factor analysis grid.

How it works

Each comment is read by a moderator whose mother tongue is the same as that of the customer who wrote it. He analyzes the review with our analysis grid through more than 100 points of control and writes a response. A supervisor who is a Senior Manager and a business specialist and possesses strong writing skills and diplomacy checks the text and validates or modifies it if necessary. Then the response is sent to you through the backoffice page of our website for validation before publication. All steps are made by humans. We only use a robot for automatically sorting the reviews by emergency.

About us

We decided to create this company when we noted that many managers spent too much time to answer to the customers' reviews and then, could not do their real job. It might simply be too impractical and time-consuming to reply to every comment, especially if your business receives a high volume of reviews. It is very important to respond to the customers' comments but it is even more important to manage your business. Indeed, many managers would dream to delegate this task. But, when the job is done by an employee, the response is usually not satisfying or even good, and sometimes terrible.

We are two associates with complementary skills and strong experiences in hotel and service business. We hardly thought of the best way for accomplishing a real good job in that matter and we can propose a good solution, for a good price.

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